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About the Event:

About the Activity 

The founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was a visionary leader who had a deep appreciation for nature and a strong commitment to protecting the environment. He believed that the natural beauty of the country was a valuable asset that needed to be preserved and cherished for future generations.

Did you know: Mangroves can store up to 4 times more carbon than tropical forests. By restoring mangroves to good health, we also restore our local biodiversity. Afterall, mangroves are home to bees, birds, turtles, rays, and fish.

Unfortunately, mangroves and their inhabitants are facing numerous challenges, one of which is litter. Let’s do our part to protect them!


Join Emirates Foundation's Takatof Social Volunteering Program’s exciting activity, in collaboration with Emirates Nature WWF and Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, to kayak through the mangrove forest to an island and learn about the cultural and ecological importance of mangroves, the threats they face and how we can work together to ensure their resilience. Contribute to research on the amount and type of single use plastics and other waste entering the marine environment throughout the year. Data is reported directly to the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi to provide the researchers and policy makers with insights around the current situation, help them in making better decisions, and formulate new regulations and provide recommendations to leaders.

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This volunteering activity is spearheaded by Emirates Foundation

Event Schedules:

Sunday, 17th September 2023
03:00 AM - 06:00 AM
Booking Closed