Nature at Night & Clean up

Al Wathbah,
Endangered Species


About the Event:

Embark on an exciting adventure under the night sky as we explore the natural wonders that come to life after sunset. Join us in discovering the hidden beauty of the UAE's nocturnal wildlife while also participating in a cleanup effort to preserve our natural surroundings!
Our team of experts will guide you as we survey the desert, spot scorpions, identify bats, and listen for the calls of owls. In addition to our nature exploration, we will come together for a cleanup initiative to help protect our local environment!
We invite passionate wildlife enthusiasts and environmental advocates to join us in this unique opportunity to survey the desert's nocturnal fauna and make a difference in preserving our precious nature!

Who can participate?

This session is open to everyone! However, participants below 18 can only attend upon requests and must be accompanied by adults. 

How long will it take?

3 hours

The area of impact it contributes to:

The data you help collect will support the expansion of our conservation efforts, and will be used to:

  • Identify species, distribution and important areas for the various life stages of each species
  • Monitor recovery and pressures
  • Investigate how Protected Areas affect populations
  • Data collected around the various species can feed into the National Plans of Action for the conservation of these species and support IUCN red listing efforts
  • Help change people’s attitudes and behaviours towards bats, scorpions and geckos.

This activity supports our objective to:

  • Protect 30% of the UAE’s wild areas by 2030.
  • Make 5,000 new research grade observations on iNaturalist– that’s 30% more data than we currently have for the UAE on the iNaturalist app.
  • Understand the source of plastic waste and analyse 2,000 kg of litter to support a policy on single-use plastics and help create a thriving circular economy in the UAE.
  • Reduce plastic leakage into nature by 50% by 2030.


Event Schedules:

Sunday, 1st October 2023
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Booking Closed