The Significance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Climate Change Mitigation

Endangered Species


About the Event:

In this session, we focus is on the intricate connection between biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate change. Consider the significance of forests, oceans, and wetlands – they function as invaluable carbon sinks, adeptly absorbing CO2 to regulate the climate. However, the disruptive force of climate change jeopardizes these ecosystems, causing habitat disturbances and species depletion. Biodiversity emerges as a critical protagonist, reinforcing ecosystem resilience and upholding essential services such as clean water and air, benefiting both the environment and society. Furthermore, we engage in ideation, exploring how young individuals can proactively contribute to conservation, raise awareness, and advocate for policies that bolster biodiversity protection and ensure robust ecosystems amidst the evolving climate scenario.

Event Schedules:

Sunday, 3rd September 2023
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Booking Closed