The Air We Share

Endangered Species


About the Event:

Air pollution is a topic that is rarely discussed even though it is strongly interlinked to other global crisis such as climate change, biodiversity loss, food security, etc. 
To celebrate the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, we present to you this IDEATE session, led by one of our youth leaders - Meera Harara. Join us as we converse and share ideas on how we can improve air quality and prevent air pollution which is one of the avoidable causes of death and diseases around the world.

What is the session's objective?

The event will raise awareness on local air quality and pollution, and its effects on our health and our planet. It aims to encourage society to form ideas and solutions with others to efficiently solve climate issues such as air pollution. It intends to strengthen collaboration and cooperation for effective climate action.

Session Agenda

  • 10 mins - Introduction
  • 20 mins - Discussion on air quality, indoor air quality and effects and sources of air pollution
  • 15 mins - Ideation Session
  • 15 mins - Discussion of ideas and solutions
  • 10 mins - Debrief 
  • 5 mins - Closing Remarks

When and where is the session taking place?

This session will take place in ADIHEX on September 7th.

Who can participate?

This is a free session, all those interested are welcome to attend.

Event Schedules:

Thursday, 7th September 2023
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Booking Closed