Mighty Mangroves: Survey and Preservation Initiative

Al Jubail Island,
Endangered Species


About the Event:


Coastal ecosystems – such as mangroves, seagrasses and saltmarshes –sequester significant amounts of carbon and are notably rich in biodiversity; these ‘Blue Carbon’ (BC) ecosystems are increasingly recognized as key Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that can make a vital contribution to climate change mitigation. Recent studies have demonstrated that NbS can cost-effectively provide approximately one-third of the climate mitigation needed over the next decade to stabilize global warming below 1.5°C.

Coastal Blue Carbon ecosystems – such as mangroves – can help reduce the risks and impacts of climate change while providing multiple co-benefits: they offer critical habitats for biodiversity, enhance local fisheries production, and protect coastal communities from erosion and storms. Yet mangroves face many threats, including deforestation, coastal development, pollution and climate change.


Volunteers will assist our team of scientists to monitor the wildlife supported by the restoration. Volunteers will help to record wild plants in the area, count crabs and their burrows, the number of snails in a sample area, the number of species of birds seen throughout the day, signs of insect pollinators and pests and as well help clean up the area in the process 


 This type of fieldwork is physically challenging, it will be outdoors, often without shade. Some of the sites can be accessed only by boat so punctuality, reliability, and willingness to get dirty are vital. 


  • To be active, healthy, and physically fit – be able to walk/wade through several kilometers of mud  
  • wear comfortable clothes, a hat, and sunscreen
  • wear water shoes, or any old pair of shoes as we will be working in a very muddy area

Please note that this trip is not suitable for children. 

What is the Impact? 

This baseline survey will show us the state of the existing site and the wildlife it supports.

  • It will help us determine, how our mangrove restoration activities benefit the area and impact the abundance and diversity of species at the site.
  • Provide valuable information to support advocacy work in order for the protection of mangroves and other conservation strategies
  • Contribute to the value of the ecosystem amongst the community.
  • Support local ecotourism ventures.
  • Gain knowledge and spread awareness of the power of individual action/ behavior
  • Help policymakers by recording data on litter

Event Schedules:

Sunday, 28th April 2024
04:00 AM - 06:30 AM
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Sunday, 10th March 2024
03:00 AM - 07:00 AM
Booking Closed

Sunday, 15th October 2023
03:00 AM - 06:00 AM
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Saturday, 14th January 2023
05:00 AM - 08:00 AM
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